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Achieving Compliance, Security
and Improved Patient Care

Gain a valuable insight into the healthcare industry from a new report by OpenText and Healthcare IT News in which 288 healthcare professionals were surveyed about their document delivery and management practices. Using key discoveries from the survey, Healthcare IT News and OpenText found that top-performing healthcare organizations focus on document digitization and centralized data to achieve compliance, security and superior patient care.

What you will get from this report: 

  ■ Key findings from the healthcare technology survey  

  ■ Latest
trends, opportunities and challenges in document delivery and management 
  ■ Top drivers for healthcare technology adoption 
  ■ Four success stories from the real world  

Who should read this report: 
  ■ Healthcare compliance officers adopting new healthcare compliance initiatives

  ■ Healthcare professionals wanting to protect and secure patient information

  ■ Healthcare practice managers seeking to improve productivity and patient care
  ■ Healthcare informatics roles searching for ways to improve workflow and streamline processes

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