Smart Process Applications: Accelerating Time to Value

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BPM Image - SPA Time To Value

by Thomas M. Koulopoulos and Nathaniel Palmer


Businesses are moving away from the costly and rigid packaged transactional systems that once defined corporate IT. Instead, they are making the move to more flexible solutions that leverage the collective knowledge of business users across dynamic, social, and increasingly mobile environments. These revolutionary solutions are known as Smart Process Applications and facilitate collaborative, people-centric processes through the support of both structured and unstructured information work.

In the Delphi Group white paper, Smart Process Applications: Accelerating Time to Value, authors Thomas M. Koulopoulos and Nathaniel Palmer expand upon Forrester Research, Inc.’s definitions of Smart Process Applications to create a list of six defining characteristics. These include:

•    Case management and context-awareness
•    Intelligent capture across multiple channels
•    Embedded analytics and business activity monitoring
•    And more!

Download your free copy today and get a snapshot look at OpenText Client Management for Insurance, described by the Delphi Group as one of the “more notable commercial examples of Smart Process Applications,” and discover how this new generation of applications differs from traditional transactional systems.

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