It is Time for an Enterprise Information Management Strategy

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The complexity of our enterprise information architecture is costing us – and it’s time to do something about it! Register below for our webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc.’s Alan Weintraub.

The patchwork of information systems found in most organizations is causing headaches for IT, legal and compliance, and business users alike.

Organizations are suffering! IT must support a variety of aging systems, each with their own support and infrastructure costs. Duplication, a lack of integration, and “find-ability” issues impair the productivity of end- users, often causing them to “work around” endorsed systems. Potentially the most costly and risky impact of un-managed silos of content is on legal and compliance, where the deluge of electronic information being created, consumed, and stored is driving up the cost of investigations, and increasing the chances of security breaches and data loss events.

It is time to face the issues caused by un-integrated silos of information, legacy systems, and uncontrolled information. View our On-Demand webinar where Forrester Principal Analyst Alan Weintraub will help you to develop an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy by:

  • Using governance to increase information trust and reliability
  • Creating an information taxonomy that increases “find-ability”
  • Defining an EIM road map that maximizes information value, reduces IT complexity, and reduces risks and costs

OpenText Discovery and Information Governance expert Stephen Ludlow will also introduce OpenText InfoFusion, a powerful information access platform that transforms the way organizations discover, analyze, and act on unstructured information across the enterprise. InfoFusion will help organizations migrate, aggregate, and integrate enterprise information to deliver on their EIM strategy.

Click on the replay link below to view the webinar today!

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