Enable your company to find business value in data you already have

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February 16 @ 11am PT/2pm ET

Financial firms have extensive amounts of data about their customers: transaction histories, mobile app usage and other sources. But discovering the value of the existing data is the challenge.

See how OpenText Analytics enables companies to find business value in data they already have – without abandoning existing infrastructure and applications or creating/updating a data warehouse.

You will learn how to:
  • Analyze multiple, disparate data sources to achieve a more complete, data-driven picture of customers
  • Enable customers to interactively customize how they analyze their financial data
  • Track and monitor customer engagement effectiveness and gain visibility into which action produces the best results
Mark Gamble
Senior Director, Technical Marketing
OpenText Analytics

 Mark Gamble is the Sr. Director of Technical Marketing for OpenText Analytics, where he leads a team of engineers who build, maintain, and demonstrate reference applications based on OpenText Analytics and Reporting products. He joined the company as a field engineer and spent many years implementing analytics and reporting applications for financial services, insurance, manufacturing and other customers. Gamble's knowledge and experience enable him to address both the technical and business benefits of OpenText Analytics.