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Deduction Management Webinar on Demand:

Why Vendor Compliance Automation and Vendor Visibility is a "Win:Win"
Like most retailers, you are wasting time and money tracking compliance, dispute resolutions, and collecting penalties. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. View the webinar on demand, "Why Vendor Compliance Automation and Vendor Visibility is a "Win:Win". This webinar will review the data from a recent whitepaper written by SmartBrief on where the retail industry has landed on best practices in vendor compliance. We will explore opportunities for automation and increasing your vendor’s visibility into their compliance performance.

During this webinar you will learn how:
  • Retailers like Stage Stores improved response time on compliance violations from three months to three days. 
  • By engaging the vendor, they are now empowered to improve and create a smoother supply chain for retailers.
  • Learn why vendor compliance is critical to both retailer and vendor.
  • Retailers can recognize opportunities for engaging their vendors.
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Jeff Eckel 
Senior Product Manager
View the webinar on demand!

Duration: 45 mins