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FREE WORKSHOP: Creating Personalised Analytics and Insights

Find out how to bring your applications and analytics dashboards to life without resource-intensive development time. OpenText Analytics leverages BIRT, the gold standard in data visualisation and reporting, to extend applications and Software-as-a-Service with powerful interactive capabilities.

The workshop will give you practical experience of performing advanced and predictive analytics, building personalised reports and dashboards and using our broad set of APIs. Our technical experts will share their experiences of building dynamic and interactive visualisations with you and show you how to integrate them into almost any application.

What You Will Learn With Us

Product Managers, Developers and Data Analysts can all benefit.

Enhance Customer Experiences - Add compelling, interactive data visualisations to customer-facing applications, enabling you to provide superior experiences for your users that increase loyalty and satisfaction. Interactive analytics is a key differentiator which can add value and improve the uptake of new applications.
Accelerate Time-to-Market - When creating and deploying new BI applications, build and quickly adapt reusable infrastructure components and analytics content from a modular, low-code deployment platform. Focus on your core-competencies and add new functionality without having to re-architect the solution.
Improve Visibility and Decisions - Make better, more timely decisions by putting easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards, reports and data visualizations in the hands of business users, giving them self-service capabilities that draw on enterprise-level security, scalability and data integrity.


Time Description
9.00am Breakfast and Registration
9.30am Overview of OpenText Analytics
Get up-to-date with the latest product news and the end-to-end capabilities of the OpenText Analytics platform.
10.00am LIVE DEMO: Data Visualisation and Embedded Analytics
See how Interactive Reports and Dashboards using iHub can extend the features and functionality of any business application.
10.30am LIVE DEMO: Big Data Analytics
Find out how to use Big Data Analytics to blend, analyse and segment data from any source, at speed and scale.
11.00am Coffee Break
11.15am TRAINING SESSION #1: Analyse the Customer
This segment of the workshop uses the OpenText Big Data Analytics module to explore customer data, segment a target demographic and predict customer outcomes.
12.00pm TRAINING SESSION #2: Drive Engagement with Dashboards
Learn how to use the BIRT framework to create highly interactive reports, web pages, and visualisations without coding, using a drag-and-drop design environment.
1.00pm Complimentary Lunch
1.30pm TRAINING SESSION #3: Deeper Dive with iHub or Big Data Analytics
Developer Track Analyst Track
Embedding Secure Analytics with iHub
Get hands on with the advanced APIs in iHub to embed and secure the data in your interactive reports and dashboards. Create your custom web application and customise the user experience using advanced controls.
Perform Advanced and Predictive Analytics
Take a closer look at some of the various built in algorithms and perform more sophisticated behavioural analysis with a very large data set. Can you discover why you might have a loyalty issue with your fictitious retail customer base?
3.30pm Wrap Up

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15 June 2017

9:00am - 3:30pm

OpenText UK HQ
420 Thames Valley Park Drive
Thames Valley Park
Berkshire RG6 1PT