Keynote II: The Art of Social Strategy -
Heidi Forbes Ă–ste, CEO & Founder, 2BalanceU

Heidi has 20 years of professional experience in new technologies; in the areas of
education technology, international marketing strategy, training program development
and community building. She delivers award winning keynote addresses on the benefits
of knowledge sharing and building bridges as well as how to effectively use social media
and social tools. She has a global network of professionals in leadership roles in over
120 countries. She has a passion for bringing people together to find strength in shared
and sharing experiences. She is an Ambassador for Women in Entrepreneurship and an
advocate for economic growth and empowerment influencing change through social
engagement and responsibility.  Her clients range from Fortune 500 to Universities to
Professional Organizations.

She lives by the philosophy that Knowledge is Power: Sharing is Powerful.