OpenText eDOCS Engineering Drawing Management Solutions

This session will provide an overview of the integration between OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) and Autodesk AutoCAD, which allows organizations to work more effectively with engineering drawings and documents while strategically incorporating them into eDOCS DM content repositories. In addition, the features of the CAD-Capture CaptureVue for viewing and markup of engineering drawings in eDOCS DM will be covered.

The eDOCS Integration for Autodesk AutoCAD enables corporate engineering and technical departments to comprehensively manage drawings and associated revisions, title blocks, symbols, and reference files using the content management capabilities of eDOCS DM. With CAD file accessibility on par with all enterprise content, organizations extend the document management system’s reach to include these highly sensitive, expensive-to-produce documents across local and wide-area networks, as well as over the Internet.

CaptureVue supports the vast majority of major 3D, 2D and office formats—over 450 different file types can be viewed without the need for the originating applications, including 3D formats from AutoCAD, MicroStation. Easily mark-up documents with a variety of entities such as clouds, notes, text, measurements and symbols, and save into eDOCS DM.


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Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Complimentary

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