Responsive Design, HTML5, and CSS3 with Web Site Management

When you want your website to deliver a pleasant experience to the end-user, it needs to be plain and simple, and appealing on all modern devices—regardless of their size. In order to achieve a fantastic user experience across all devices, you could create project variants with adapted HTML and CSS for each newly-released device, but you'd never finish.

Instead, a clever solution would be to use responsive web design. With responsive design, delivery of a web site is adapted to devices where the website is being viewed, even if serious reformatting is required. Responsive designs offer better usability and accessibility across mobile devices, and improved SEO. In our opinion, responsive design is something every web developer needs to take into account moving foward.

Learn what is behind responsive design, how to create responsive projects in Web Site Management, take a glimpse at the upcoming Xample project, and hear how Web Site Management supports HTML5 in the current version.


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Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Complimentary

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