Bloom with Open Text and Enterprise 2.0 - Webinar on Demand

The world of work is changing. Disruptive forces are at play in business and are compelling organizations to rethink traditional content communication and the way we define an information worker. We must address these disruptive forces to stay competitive, deliver services, manage risk and costs, and protect the corporate memory resident in employees and applications. A more Social Workplace and Social Marketplace raises productivity even as resources become scarce; it taps into the collected intelligence across employees, customers, and other external stakeholders; it opens the door to mentorship and knowledge sharing to information workers who are not traditional desktop PC users; it connects your people to the content and processes they need to get their job done.

Bloom is about allowing your people to grow to their full potential. People are the greatest asset to an organization, and nurturing a culture and environment that encourages a higher plateau of connectivity and collaboration delivers the baseline for greater engagement and productivity. This social fabric of trust and teamwork is what binds people together and connects them with the processes and content they need to achieve their goals. Bloom is our vision to help organizations move forward, to connect and collaborate with their people both inside and outside the enterprise. With the Open Text ECM Suite as the foundation, organizations across public an private sector can Bloom by delivering the promise of the Social Workplace and the Social Marketplace, enveloped by the safety of Social Compliance.

Attend this online seminar to:

- Learn about Bloom the Open Text Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
- Understand the business value of building a more Social Workplace and Social Marketplace
- Better balance the risks of the new world of 2.0 with the tremendous productivity rewards