Do More with Less - A Customer Case Study with Northrop Grumman

In these uncertain economic times, efficiency and effectiveness are extremely important to manufacturing companies. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to meet operation objectives with minimal resources. Key areas of focus for executives are:


- user and team productivity, 
- optimizing business process infrastructure, 
- lowering deployment, administrative, and training costs,
- increasing the leverage of knowledge assets,
- tighter controls of content use and consistency,
- improved customer interaction and experience, and
- greater ability to comply with external regulations and internal controls.

Join this session with Open Text content expert, Hugh Ritchie, and Pamela J. Jones from Northrop Grumman as they discuss the benefits and the value of taking a proactive approach to managing efficiencies within the manufacturing sector and how these changes will better position you to drive down unnecessary costs and inefficiencies to compete globally.