MARCH 30, 2017

OpenText Innovation Tour in Eindhoven

Welcome to the Digital Revolution!

All around us the digital revolution is changing the world. And its effects can be felt in every aspect of our daily lives. Technologies are accelerating at an exponential rate, producing unprecedented change that is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution.

Technologies continue to advance, accelerating the progress of other technologies. In 2016, we witnessed the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it has already begun its evolution into the "Intelligence of Things." This will be the digital platform of the future. The old approach moved at the speed of human coders but the new model progresses at the speed of data, intelligence, and self-assembly.

Whether you're ready or not, the fourth industrial revolution is here. From consumer to technology, all businesses need the agility to adapt. To quote Sun Tzu: "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." There are incredible breakthroughs in every industry, driven by disruptive innovation… and the possibilities for application are unlimited.

OpenText Innovation Tour is my chance to connect with our customers in eight cities around the world. It is an invaluable opportunity for me to discuss this revolution with those organizations right at the heart of it, and to share and help your company prepare for the opportunity it holds. Each stop on our tour provides OpenText executives a platform to hear from and interact with our customers, to learn more about your challenges, and to share our vision and roadmap.

I am looking forward to visiting each city and am excited to meet with each of you along the way!

Mark J. Barrenechea


Mark J. Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, OpenText Read profile
Muhi Majzoub

Muhi Majzoub
Executive Vice President, Engineering, OpenText Read profile
Steve Murphy

Daan Roosegaarde
Innovator, Studio Roosegaarde Read profile

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"Innovation Tour Eindhoven 2016"

Why Attend Innovation Tour?

Attend the Innovation Tour and join us on a digital journey...

Dedicated Tracks and Sessions
An informative roster of targeted sessions, aligned to your industry and product interest:

Tracks focused on the specific interests and needs of the Public Sector, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail and Cross-Industry.

Enterprise Apps — From SAP integrations to extending ECM into business processes, purpose-built, low-effort apps are the future of agile, light-touch EIM. Join us for an overview of the latest developments.

ECM — Not only are functionality and usability developments in Content Suite 16 advancing at an incredible pace, OpenText has now added the entire Documentum product suite to our ECM stable. If you're involved in ECM at any level, this year's sessions are a must-see.

Internet of Things — All the data in the world means nothing if it can't be analysed efficiently and effectively. From making sense of the unstructured to harnessing the looming wave of IoT data, analytics are key to a successful future. Here's where you can gain insight into the possibilities, best practices, and ultimate value.

Customer Experience
— CEM success is not found in touchpoints but in the aggregate of the entire journey. Join us to see how guiding that relationship can be maximized with digital technologies.

Business Network — Seamless, immediate, multi-tier relationships are the new normal. See how the latest advances in Business Network technology are driving competitive advantage.
IT or LOB Executives, we have something for you
Our sessions will cut across Information Technology, specific lines of business like Marketing, Supply Chain, Procurement, and Finance. Talk to subject matter experts who can help solve critical business problems and help with new opportunities in this digital age.

Does your role require you to work with data and analyse it?

Analytics data is abundant across the globe. To be accurate, unstructured data is abundant and approximately 90% of the world's data is unstructured. However, this datum is extremely useful as they allow us to catch a glimpse of the underlying information in its rawest form.

Imagine being able to analyse sentiments about your company as customers communicate on social media, customer service logs, and web chats. Imagine turning this raw content into highly valuable business insight, using text analysis, and interactive data visualisation.

There is more: Gartner estimates that there will be more than 20 million devices on IoT by year 2020. Can you imagine the amount of data that transacts from M2M (machine to machine)?

From data scientists to data analysts, business developers to financial officers, if you are required to work with data, attend Innovation Tour Eindhoven to:
  1. Learn how to visualise the concepts to analysing unstructured data and discuss use cases with others in the industry;
  2. Learn how to drive your business value from loT, which include embedded data analytics; and
  3. Have the opportunity to listen to speakers with practical and thoughtful approaches, allowing you to understand what is possible with analytics.

Does your role require you to shape customer experience?

In a March article from Mckinsey "From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do", it states clearly that the customer experience is not made up of all the perfect touchpoints but rather, the experience of the entire journey as a whole.

This makes absolute sense, as emotions are a cluttering of senses and not a single isolated reaction. However, without technology to aggregate the seemingly random experience, it is next to impossible to bring a customer across, a completely customized journey.

From marketers to business developers, digital experience officers to customer relation officers, if you are require to shape customers' experience, attend Innovation Tour Eindhoven to:
  1. Get updates on the latest technology in marketing that will bring customer experiences closer to your enterprise;
  2. Learn how to maximize your customers lifetime value, as well as what helps marketers in their everyday digital operations; and
  3. Have the opportunity to discuss potential solutions to real life problems, with marketing other consultants in the industry.

Does your role require you manage transactions with vendors, suppliers and customers?

Most enterprises are still midway to maturity on their B2B integration journey1. A recent survey by SCM World shows the overall maturity of 2.8 out of 5.0 with the most common issue of keeping pace with business growth both upstream and downstream. Furthermore, the survey shows a shift in the relationship between all the stakeholders from transactional operations to consolidated partnerships.

IT, EDI, and B2B professionals now have more to contend with as the landscape for B2B integration has shifted and there are more demands for acceleration, collaboration, and data insights. Real-time demand and supply data coupled with multi-tier network will be the next change in the next maturity push before the demand for the "generative" stage sets in.

Innovation Tour Eindhoven has dedicated breakout sessions for professionals involved in B2B integration to obtain access to the following: From IT leaders to B2B/EDI Managers, supply chain to finance officers, if you are require to manage B2B integrations and processes, attend Innovation Tour Eindhoven to:
  1. Determine your enterprise's B2B integration maturity level and advance your B2B environment;
  2. Learn how to globalize and standardize your supply chains; and
  3. Learn to leverage loT compliance using the integration platform to shape your current environment to better suit your needs.
1From SCM World B2B Integration Maturity Survey

For Enterprises on SAP
OpenText and SAP have been partners for over 20 years and we have helped thousands of global companies improve business processes, increase automation and reduce costs. SAP is the leader in driving simplicity from standardising business processes. OpenText takes care of the content – the whole lifecycle of the content. And associates this content – documents, emails and digital media such as images and videos – with the SAP business process applications. Simplify. Run Digital. Read more.

SAP has introduced the "digital core", a new digital framework to structure the thinking and value proposition around SAP S/4 Hana. The SAP digital core provides transformation capabilities for the structured content of the world. The OpenText digital content platform integrates with the digital core, providing capabilities to manage unstructured content in today's environment of hyper-connected content, processes, and data.

If you seek to maximize your SAP knowledge, join us as we have specific breakout sessions and right people with business and technical knowledge dedicated to SAP users.
  1. Click here to watch a video of how OpenText brings value to SAP customer.
  2. Click here to watch a video of how SAP and OpenText Run Digital.
Digital Disruption: The Future of Information
Simply interested on the impact of Enterprise Information Management and how your world may change 2020 and beyond. Join us to learn more.

Countdown to Conference

Innovation Tour Eindhoven starts in


A lot has changed with OpenText, and a lot more is changing...

Learn about the Latest OpenText Product Updates and Releases
The Innovation Tour brings the newest developments in OpenText technology directly to you. We've designed a full slate of strategic keynotes, roadmap sessions, and product demos to help you make the most of your OpenText infrastructure.
OpenText Release 16
OpenText Release 16 is the most complete digital platform in the market today (Executive Brief). Join us for hands-on demos and the most recent updates.
Capabilities through Acquisitions
We recently completed the acquisition of Customer Experience Software & Customer Communications Management assets of HP Inc. The acquisition allows OpenText to offer consumers a broader selection of software solutions in multi-channel customer engagement. (Press Release 1 | Press Release 2)
Next Generation of Cognitive
OpenTextTM Magellan - The Next Generation of Cognitive, will shape the future of information. Leveraging on Apache Spark for open algorithms (making it affordable, easy to program and highly accessible), it will democratise cognitive computing.
OpenText has acquired Documentum
OpenText has acquired Documentum and two of the industry's leading ECM platforms are now together under one flag! What's it mean to customers of both and the EIM market in general? Here's your chance to find out.


To find out the Latest OpenText News, including details about our most recent acquisition, check out our Blog.

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    By Editorial Staff, Nov 9, 2016
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    By Mark Barrenechea (foto), CEO en CTO bij OpenText, January 01, 2017
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    Drie belangrijke big data bronnen (read more)
    By Cyrill Tiwon, OpenText, January 17, 2017


Time Description
8:00am Registration
Innovation Expo Networking
9:00am Welcome
Robert Hoeksema
Sales Director, Benelux, OpenText
9:05am The Intelligence of Things (Read Abstract)
Mark Barrenechea
CEO and CTO, OpenText
10:00am Fireside Chat with an OpenText Customer
Mark Barrenechea
President, OpenText
10:15am Refreshment Break
Innovation Expo Networking
10:35am OpenText Innovations: Product & Technology Update (Read Abstract)
Muhi Majzoub
EVP Engineering, OpenText
11:25am Landscape of the Future
Daan Roosegaarde
Innovator, Studio Roosegaarde
12:00pm Lunch
Innovation Expo Networking
Breakouts Philips Hall Castor Foyer Neptune Pollux Saturn Venus Foyer Zuid
1:10pm Strategy and Product Direction: Content Suite, Documentum, and the Future of ECM Presenters: Nic Carter & Hans-Gerd Schaal How Enza Leveraged Distributed Agile Development with OpenText Process Suite. Sponsored by Vanenburg Presenters: Hans Esselink The Road to Extended ECM at NATO Defensie Pijpleiding Organisatie (DPO). Sponsored by X-Center
Presenter: Sebastiaan Helmons
Deriving Business Value from IOT with Analytics: Knorr-Bremse presents Digital Innovation in an Analogue World
Presenters: Dirk Seckler, Head of Sales, Knorr-Bremse Rail Services & Martin Steffens, Project Manager for iCOM Monitor, Knorr-Bremse IT
GDPR is Coming! Hear how Health Insurance Company, Menzis, Planned and Implemented Records Management to Take a Big Step Towards Compliance. Sponsored by IRIS
Presenter: Ronald Holdijk
How Fintech Giant, ING, Provides Value in the Digital Era
Presenter: Pieter Kole, IT Chapter Lead Document & Content Services, ING
Bakkersland: E-Delivery with StreamServe: Fast and Secure Messaging and Notification Sponsored by Nokavision
Presenter: Pim van der Gaag
Building Your Own Processes with Entity Modeling Connected to Process Suite Presenters: Harmen Kastenberg & Rene Prins
Breakouts Philips Hall Castor Foyer Neptune Pollux Saturn Venus
1:55pm Extended ECM for SuccessFactors: The HR Content Management Platform
Presenter: Hans-Gerd Schaal
SAP Innovations by OpenText: Overview and Roadmap
Presenter: Marc Diefenbruch
Customer Experience Strategy & Product Direction: Designing a Continuous Digital Customer Experience Presenters: Marci Maddox & Guy Hellier Easy ECM – How an eDOCS 16.1 Environment “Works the Way You Do” Presenter: Pierre Hagot ECM Upgrade Made Easy with Best Practices and Managed Services
Presenter: Lynn Elwood & Serge van Lith & Harke Harkema
Why InfoArchive Helps Us Improve Customer Experience by CAK - Sponsored by Amplexor
Presenters: Maurice Hermsen & Robin Sluis
Content Server Development Smart UI Deep Dive Training (for OpenText Consultants)
Presenter: Roel Gillesen
2:40pm Refreshment Break
Innovation Expo Networking
Breakouts Philips Hall Castor Foyer Neptune Pollux Saturn Venus Foyer Zuid
3:05pm Content Suite and Extended ECM: Advancements and Innovations
Presenters: Marc Diefenbruch & Nic Carter
Extending your Content Capabilities with Process Suite
Presenters: Wim Boonzaaijer & Isam Alyousfi
Accelerating Time to Market for Communications Using Video, Rich Media, Analytics and Web Experience
Presenters: Guy Hellier & Marci Maddox
Structured and unstructured data - A match made in heaven
Presenter: Katharina Streater
Digital Supply Chain Trends & Business Network Roadmap Presenters: Andy Mackay & Mark Morley What’s New and What’s Next for the Documentum Platform Presenters: Micah Byrd & Harke Harkema Design Principles of Enterprise Architecture (for OpenText Consultants)
Presenter: Serge van Lith
Building Your Own Processes with Entity Modeling Connected to Process Suite
Presenters: Harmen Kastenberg & Rene Prins
3:45pm Compliance & Productivity Bundle for Microsoft Office 365 + Product Update: OpenText Certified Solutions for Azure
Presenter: Bernd Hennicke
Business Value Consulting: How OpenText can define your EIM Strategy & Roadmap
Presenter: Richard Verbeek
Market Trends and Product Direction for Customer Communications Management
Presenters: Christian Askland & Jonathan Agger
Managed Self-Service Analytics for Business Users Presenter: John Riglar Maximize the Investment in Your Business Network
Presenters: Patrick Niehot & Rob Scholte
Utilizing InfoArchive to Drive Digital Transformation and Ensure Compliance
Presenter: Gino Vicari
4:30pm Business User-driven (CCM) Document Generation for your ECM Platform: Presentation & Demo
Presenter: Alfred Sterrenburg
ECM meets CRM – Content Management and Document Generation for Salesforce
Presenter: Bernd Hennicke & Marcel Hoffmann
Advances in OpenText and Documentum Solutions for Energy and Engineering
Presenter: Rob Groeneveld & Marc Diefenbruch
Discover What Matters - with Recomminds Data Analytics
Presenter: Adam Higgs
Accelerate Competitive Advantage with B2B Managed Services
Presenter: Mark Morley
Introduction and Overview of LEAP Presenter: Taha Benssiba    
5.10pm Cocktail + Buffet + Prize Draw
Venue: Innovation Expo

Stay tuned for more details and updates. Agenda is subject to change.


March 30, 2016

9:00am - 7:00pm

Noord Brabantlaan 1A
5652 LA Eindhoven


Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven
Mathildelaan 1 (navigation address)
Lichttoren 22 (visitors address)

Phone:+31 40 751 3500


Opportunity for OpenText Partners

NOTE: Registrations from non-sponsoring business partners will be reviewed and asked to purchase an event pass
(500 euro per delegate) to participate at the OpenText Innovation Tours.

With over 300 senior decision makers expected to attend, take advantage and reach out to IT and LOB professionals across diverse industries. The Innovation Tour provides a unique platform to drive brand awareness and identify new business opportunities for OpenText Business Partner solutions.

For more information on opportunities to join us as a sponsor...


Innovation Eindhoven is proudly sponsored by

Deloitte   Businesses today are collecting massive amounts of unstructured data—documents, emails, social posts, images, video and more—but few have the systems and processes in place to store, access and mine this information. Embedding this unstructured information as part of your core business processes will be key in transforming your business to be ready for the future. Deloitte is pleased to be the partner of choice for many clients around the world to guide them on this Digital Journey. Deloitte has more than 220,000 professionals at member firms assisting clients with services in audit, tax, consulting, financial advisory and risk management. Within consulting, our EMEA OpenText Centre of Excellence combines Deloitte’s business knowledge with OpenText technologies to help clients manage their assets to gain easy access, tap insights and reduce risk. We’re proud to have been recognized as OpenText’s Global System Integrator of the Year since 2010.

Please visit our EMEA OpenText CoE website for more information about our approach and services.
Amplexor   AMPLEXOR is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and content solutions. We help our customers achieve process efficiency, increase revenue generation, reduce time-to-market and ensure quality and compliance. AMPLEXOR is a worldwide company with 39 offices in 21 countries active in the fields of aerospace, defense and transport, energy and environment, finance, life sciences, manufacturing and the public sector. Our turnkey solutions support core industry processes, and include software technology, consulting, system integration, and language and content management services. AMPLEXOR has been a well-known OpenText Documentum partner for over 15 years helping customers across the world with our Documentum services and our certified product myInsight for Documentum. Our teams of experienced business consultants and technical experts, combined with a training center and international Documentum support services, help customers from A – Z to optimize and integrate their content management processes.
IRIS   Our mission is to help individuals, companies, public administrations and international institutions to better manage their information and to transform their main asset into digital data, easy to archive, easy to share and easy to convert into valuable and actionable content.

Connect the dots to succeed in digital transformation.
Nowadays, organizations are challenged to improve and accelerate the transformation of their business activities, competencies, processes and business models. The key to succeed: a step-by-step integrated content process, service, IT and people approach. The enabler: actionable information.

How IRIS can help you
IRIS has proven expertise in the building blocks which are needed to succeed on a project, process and strategy level. Our business and IT consulting services, information management tools, hybrid cloud offering and outsourcing services enable you to optimize business processes and focus on your transformation goals, business and customers.

IRIS and OpenText
IRIS is a long-lasting OpenText partner and a certified vendor, implementer and support provider for OpenText software. Using highly specialized product consultants in both the technical and functional domains, IRIS helps organizations implement OpenText’s EIM products, resulting in many dozens of successful projects worldwide.
Capgemini   Capgemini is a global leader providing consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. With a global team of 13,000 professionals across 40 countries, Capgemini offers a complete catalogue of I&D solutions, the most relevant partnership, a broad and cross-sector experience and references. From vision to reality we help you put digital at the core for sustainable profitable growth through our industry leading solutions on Enterprise Content Management. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience, and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model. For more information, visit
Noka   Over the last 20 years, Nokavision has evolved itself into the number one CCM knowledge provider. Nokavision enables its customers to work customer focused through digitalized processes, effective messaging and improved customer experience.

Nokavision delivers on digital transformation to organizations and their customers. OpenText StreamServe, SAP Document Presentment, Exstream and several other OpenText products have no secrets to our expert team. Just share your challenge and we will make you stay ahead.
The Consultancy Firm   TCF is an innovative company that specializes in customer communication. We support companies in getting to know their customers better by building professional digital profiles to strengthen the relationship. Helping them communicate in a way, relevant to your customer by utilizing all available channels, from print to e-mail, social media and websites. Our solutions are available as traditional software or Cloud based “pay-as-you-go”. We provide the knowledge and the tools for companies to get on top in this digital-first world.
For more information:
Ciber   Ciber Experis, part of Experis IT (brand of ManpowerGroup), is a result-driven IT services company. With more than 350 consultants Experis Ciber has extensive experience in delivering high quality IT projects and consultancy. Over the last 15 years, Experis Ciber delivered ECM-related services. As a market leading player in the ECM market, Experis Ciber is unique because of our partnership with both OpenText and Documentum. Within this domain of ECM, Experis Ciber has a strong focus on compliance, processes and user adoption. Experis Ciber also has excellent partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle. And is awarded with the SAP Quality Award in 2016.
Docbyte   Since 2006, our team at Docbyte helps organizations with their digital transformation. We provide digital mobile workplace solutions for traditional knowledge worker organizations and assist organizations in the automation and streamlining of business processes with our intelligent case management solutions.
It is our goal to enhance the digital workplace of our customers, who are active in Finance & Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, the Public sector and more. We do this by supporting them in their journey to going paperless and by assisting them to gain full and flexible control over all their business documents and processes. This will boost productivity, improve employee morale and expertise in the field and increase customer satisfaction.
For more information:
Informed Consulting   At Informed Consulting, we believe that successful implementations of Enterprise Content Management require the right mix of corporate and end-user requirements. That is why we branded our vision as 'Connecting People to the Enterprise'. Since 2006, Informed Consulting has been helping its customers successfully implement solutions based on EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint.
Jeroen Jansen, former employee of EMC, started Informed Consulting. Today we service customers in 20+ countries with a team of 35 – mainly senior – proven professionals and a network of 20 qualified freelance consultants.
Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience. With more than 100 successfully finished projects for companies worldwide, we are experts in Enterprise Content Management. Our staff is skilled in both Documentum and SharePoint. Understanding both products, has resulted in the development of our own products under the Informed Products brand: SharePoint Add-in for Documentum (SPA4D), SharePoint Add-in for Life Sciences (SPA4LS) and EQMS Light.
In those 10 years, we’ve grown in every aspect but our mission never changed: bridging the gap between organizations and its users.
Onefox   One Fox helps customers to better utilize their Content Server and eDOCS platforms. To achieve compliance with Dutch/EU rules & regulations, collaborate through Office 365 and empower content centric processes. Allowing the realization of business goals and ensuring an optimized OpenText ECM Suite.
SAP   As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to the boardroom, warehouse to the storefront, desktop to a mobile device – SAP software empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 335,000 business and public sector customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. For more information, visit
unisys   Unisys is a global information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security solutions to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. Unisys offerings include security solutions, advanced data analytics, cloud and infrastructure services, application services as well as application and server software implementations.

With has experience in delivering Enterprise Information Management solutions for over 15 years. Technologies include Document management, records management, Business Process Management, input and output management based on the OpenText products which were extended with unique 3rd party components. Additionally Unisys delivers our own products to provide a complete solution for your digital transformation.
By combining these solutions with data analytics for dash boarding and mobility solutions, we can provide anywhere any time access to your information. Additionally, by integrating with our proven security solutions we can maintain your information securely in the modern cyber world . With a track record of proven digital solutions, Unisys can provide you with a complete and secure EIM solution compliant to European laws and regulations such as GDPR.
validsign   ValidSign provides a digital transaction management platform and a legally binding eSignature solution. The company offers Digital Transaction Management, a cloud-based (hosted at the highly secured KPN environment) software that helps individuals and organizations to manage approvals, decisions, contracts, and workflows digitally. Its platform serves facilities, finance, human resources, IT/operations, legal, marketing, procurement, product management, sales, and support departments in accounting and tax, construction, financial services, government, healthcare, higher education, insurance, legal, life sciences, mortgage, non-profit, real estate, staffing, and technology industries in the Netherlands and internationally. The company is based in the Netherlands. Signatures processed by ValidSign are comparable to traditional signatures based on the product's compliance with the European Union’s eIDAS Regulation and the possibility to offer qualified certificates (like PKI-Overheid).
WGSL   Wertheim Global Solutions offers best-of-breed add-on solutions for OpenText Enterprise DM systems including eDOCS and Content Server. These include Guardian, WincTools, and DMFolders, which are available worldwide through OpenText and our global partner channel.
xcenter   Right from the company inception 10 years ago X-CENTER always focused on selling and delivering OPENTEXT services in the Benelux countries. We are seen by our customers and partners as a flexible team of skilled and knowledgeable specialists in the following domains:
  • OpenText Archive Server installation, upgrade, migration and pipeline developments
  • SAP data and document archiving solutions, including Doculink , Kpro, SAP-DMS
  • SAP Workflow development
  • OpenText Content Server installation, administration including AGA, WebReports and oScript development
  • OpenText ExtendedECM for SAP solutions, and various “accelerators”
  • Document and data capture solution, including OpenText EnterpriseScan and ICCWe also deliver SLA-based Managed Services for OpenText solutions, with inbuilt monitoring scripts that pro-actively secure always-heatlhy OpenText running applications.