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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Let us take you on a trip down memory lane with the photos taken at Innovation Tour London.

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Time Description
8.00am Registration
Innovation Expo Networking
9.00am Welcome to Innovation Tour London
Mark Bridger
VP UK & Northern Europe, OpenText
9.05am The Intelligence of Things (View in Folder)
Adam Howatson
CMO, OpenText
9.55am How huge innovations will affect conventional air travel – Turning a Dream into Reality
Stephen Attenborough
Commercial Director, Virgin Galactic
10.25am Morning Tea
Innovation Expo Networking
10.55am Fireside Chat
Steve Murphy, President, OpenText & Wayne Johncock, Technology Director, Thames Water
11.25am OpenText Innovations - Product & Technology (View in Folder)
Muhi Majzoub
EVP Engineering, OpenText
12.00pm Energy & Utilities - Key findings from 2017 IDG Research - OpenText & IDG Research
(View in Folder)
Presenter: Marc Diefenbruch & Mark Frear from SAP
Accenture presenting Fjords trends (View in Folder) Presenter: Alex Jones, Business Design Director, Accenture Financial Services Live Debate - Embedding a Digital Culture
Presenter: Simon Ward - Moderator with Lindley Gooden, former presenter for Sky, BBC & ITV - Laurence Leyden, General Manager for Financial Services in EMEA, SAP - Nicole Anderson, CEO, Circle Innovate
Manufacturing - Key research findings 2017 - Digital Transformation - Where is manufacturing on the journey? (View in Folder)
Presenter: Hugh Ritchie, OpenText & Guy Washer - Sapio Research
Retail - The Future of Retail - Bricks & Mortar and Online (View in Folder)
Presenter: Diane Wehrl, Springboard Retail Consultancy & Jim Dickson, Digital DNA programme leader for GS1 UK
Public Services - Panel Discussion Driving Citizen Centric Services (View in Folder)
Presenter: Will Cook - Moderator with Kate Tarling, Director, Fly UX - Rachel Neaman, Neaman Consulting, former CEO of GoON UK & Digital Lead at NHS - Jos Creese, CEO of CCL, Independent Digital Consultant & Thought Leader
Life Sciences - New Paradigms for Life Sciences EIM, Best Practices (View in Folder)
Presenter: Jaleel Shujath, OpenText
1.00pm Lunch
Innovation Expo Networking
  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
2.00pm Enterprise Apps - SAP Innovations by OpenText - Overview and Roadmap (View in Folder)
Presenter: Michael Feyhl, OpenText
Content - Strategy and Product Direction - Content Suite, Documentum and the Future of ECM (View in Folder)
Presenter: Michael Cybala, OpenText & Nic Carter, OpenText
GDPR in Practice (View in Folder)
Presenter: Stefan Weiss-Weber, OpenText & Birger Tenow, OpenText
Analytics - Knorr-Bremse presents Digital Innovation in an Analogue World (View in Folder)
Presenter: Dirk Seckler & Martin Steffens - Knorr Bremse - Lilija Kucinskaja, OpenText
Experience - Customer Experience Strategy & Product Direction - Designing a Continuous Digital Customer Experience (View in Folder)
Presenter: Guy Hellier, OpenText & Marci Maddox, OpenText
Business Network - Digital Supply Chain Trends & Business Network Roadmap (View in Folder)
Presenter: Mark Morley, OpenText & Marco de Vries, OpenText
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
2.45pm Content - Content Suite and Extended ECM: Advancements and Innovations (View in Folder)
Presenter: Nic Carter, OpenText & Thomas Demmler, OpenText
Content - ECM Upgrade Made Easy with Best Practices and Managed Services (View in Folder)
Presenter: Lynn Elwood, OpenText, Lee Davey OpenText, Ned Denison, OpenText
Content - What's New and What's Next for the Documentum Platform (View in Folder)
Presenter: Micah Byrd, OpenText
Analytics - Structured and Unstructured Data - A Match Made in Heaven (View in Folder)
Presenter: Katharina Streater, OpenText & John Riglar, OpenText
Experience - Accelerating Time to Market for Communications Using Video, Rich Media, Analytics and Web Experience (View in Folder)
Presenter: Sunil Menon, OpenText & Guy Hellier, OpenText
Business Network - Maximise the Investment in Your Business Network (View in Folder)
Presenter: Marco de Vries, OpenText
3.25pm Afternoon Tea
Innovation Expo Networking
  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
3.45pm Enterprise Apps - Digitisation and Automation of Information Flows - OpenText Business Centre for SAP (View in Folder)
Presenter: Michael Feyhl, OpenText and Tanja Zboril, OpenText
Process - Extending Content Capabilities with Process Suite (View in Folder)
Presenter: Steve Blair & Simon English, OpenText
Content - Introduction & Overview of LEAP (View in Folder)
Presenter: Ahson Ahmed, OpenText
Discovery - Discover What Matters with Recommind's Data Analytics (View in Folder)
Presenter: Simon Price, OpenText
Experience - Designing Communications for Omni-Channel Customer Experiences (View in Folder)
Presenter: Christian Askland, OpentText & Jonathan Agger, OpenText
Business Network - Accelerate Competitive Advantage with B2B Managed Services, evidenced by Tata Steel (View in Folder) Presenter: Emma McKay - Tata Steel, Mark Morley, OpenText
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
4.30pm Enterprise Apps - Extended ECM for SuccessFactors - The HR Content Management Platform (View in Folder)
Presenter: Richard Matti, OpenText
Content - Advances in OpenText & Documentum Solutions for Energy and Engineering (View in Folder)
Presenter: Thomas Demmler, OpenText & Chris Brighouse, OpenText
Content - Utilising InfoArchive to Drive Digital Transformation and Ensure Compliance (View in Folder)
Presenter: Jasmit Sagoo, OpenText
Analytics - Managed Self-Service Analytics for Business Users (View in Folder)
Presenter: Katharina Streater, OpenText & John Riglar, OpenText
Experience - Market Trends and Product Direction for Customer Communications Management (View in Folder)
Presenter: Christian Askland, OpentText & Jonathan Agger, OpenText
Business Network - How Digital Transformation is Driving Improved Business Support Across Euromaster (View in Folder)
Presenter: Damian Walsh - Euromaster
5.15pm Canapés and Drinks
Venue: Innovation Expo
6.30pm Event Close

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Fastman   Wertheim Global Solutions is a leading Technology Partner with OpenText that provides add-on enhancements for the OpenText Content Suites, including Content Server and eDOCS. Our latest offerings include security solutions that address in-house hacking of your systems by internal users to reduce or eliminate the possibility of sensitive materials falling into the wrong hands
GDOC-   Gdoc – a consultancy, integration and on-demand development service company providing document management expertise, specialising in the areas of CCM and ECM. We work predominantly with FSI's, utilities, telcos and PSP's to help improve the way they communicate with their customers, enhancing the customer experience via traditional methods and new generation, multichannel delivery.

Barcelona - Geneva – London – Madrid – Paris – Zurich
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Deloitte   Deloitte's Information Management (IM) practice includes one of the most experienced and highly regarded Enterprise Content Management (ECM) advisory and implementation service organizations in the world. Deloitte's IM practice encompasses a dedicated global and local team of professionals offering a wide range of information management consulting services that focus on driving business value across the enterprise. Deloitte's services range from ECM strategy and business case, to design, to full lifecycle implementation for all aspects of ECM. Deloitte's multidisciplinary capabilities further include eDiscovery, security and privacy, training and change management. Deloitte's experience is supported with an established track record for successfully delivering enterprise-wide initiatives for leading organizations in all industries. Deloitte is a global professional services firm with over 240,000 people worldwide in nearly 140 countries.
Silver & MicroForum
PleaseTech   TBSCG have delivered over 200 comprehensive business solutions, on time and within budget. Helping companies globally to improve brand loyalty, productivity and reduce operating costs by ensuring that they fully leverage the capabilities of their online presence, internal content repositories, applications and associated solutions.

On completion TBSCG provide on-going solution support fulfilling our primary business aim of building long term relationships with our customers
PleaseTech   Data is the foundation of every decision and the engine of a successful digital business. Capgemini's Insights & Data Global Practice, with over 15,000 professionals across 40 countries, combines technology excellence, data science and business and industry expertise to help organizations drive valuable and actionable insights from their internal and external data. We provide international scale in operations, proprietary solution development, innovation labs, start-ups and partner ecosystems, and our unique end-to-end 7 Guiding Principles framework, helping our clients on their journey to becoming an insights-driven enterprise. Our portfolio includes Insights-as-a-Service, NextGen BISC, MDM and our Enterprise Content Management solutions which enable our customers to maximize the wealth of information as an enterprise asset, helping them maximize insight, knowledge and value as well as efficiency, costs and control.
Cocktail Reception
CadCapture   We are focused on helping the global financial services industry discover new and better ways of servicing the customer. We bring together a unique combination of skills, expertise and experience, having worked closely with the industry for over 20 years. Our enterprise work management software enables people to get more work done, with less effort, less time and less cost, with the ease and speed expected and demanded by businesses and customers alike. Our partnership with OpenText has spanned over a decade, and our software can be readily deployed on the cloud or on premise within days, integrating seamlessly with existing OpenText platforms. We give control back to the business so that you deliver a modern, efficient and effective workplace.
CadCapture   Convedo is a management and technology consulting firm and a long-standing OpenText partner that designs, develops, delivers and supports process based applications using the OpenText BPM and ECM product portfolio, to clients throughout the EMEA region, that understand the importance of their processes and information. Our consultants have years of experience installing, developing, and deploying customized, integrated business solutions across all major industries including Advisory, Aviation, Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing and the Public Sector.
CadCapture   We design, build and implement OpenText solutions to manage and deliver the right information, at the right time by securely and seamlessly integrating content services into applications and process flows.