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The previous Innovation Tour Singapore
video - duration 1:31
Innovation Tour Singapore 2017 happened at Marina Bay Sands where OpenText customers, partners and employees gathered to learn about becoming digital trendsetters, and disruptors, in the digital economy.
2018 top tech predictions
blog by Mark Barrenechea, CEO & CTO, OpenText
Over the next 10 years, there will be five billion connected users on one high-speed, highly-reliable network—the Internet. Surpassing humans, one trillion machines will come online and the von Neumann computer architecture ... (read more)
Digital Transformation in Government, keep calm and carry on
blog by Carol Brock, Industry Marketing Strategist for Public Sector, OpenText
It struck me just how daunting the process of transforming to digital government can appear. Yet, time and again, presentations at the conference demonstrated that you don’t have to ‘boil the ocean’ to achieve significant results. (read more)
OpenText Magellan Revealed
video - duration 13:31
In this keynote demo, Mark Barrenechea, Mark Gamble and Mica Block showcase how Magellan can provide Campaign Optimization, Predictive Utilization, and Predictive Maintenance for the Enterprise.
To renewable or not to renewable?
blog by Martin Richards Senior Director, Energy Industry Solutions, OpenText
Over the past decade – and before – there has been a great deal of speculation about when the major oil and gas companies will begin a serious push into clean energy. Ten years later and ... ( read more)
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