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Integrate enterprise information with core process in production, maintenance, logistics & distribution, and quality management.

When it comes to capital-intensive assets such as power plants and manufacturing facilities, you have much to gain by optimizing performance. To do this, you need to manage all the associated content – such as technical specifications, user manuals, maintenance records, service contracts, drawings, and more.

But with content spread all over the enterprise, how can you succeed?

The ECM for Operational Excellence in Enterprise Asset Management bridges the gap between structured data in SAP and unstructured content for asset management processes. For asset-intensive industries, this contributes to improved productivity, reliability, compliance, and worker safety and reduces costs and environmental impact.

ECM for Excellence in Production & Operation

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Enterprise records management

ECM for EAM provides in-depth records management functionality so you can fully document and manage the lifecycle of EAM-related content. Records can be declared in accordance with legislative requirements. This approach demonstrates compliance and shows how your organization adheres to required records management practices including retention, change control, access, and ultimately destruction of content at the end of its lifecycle. The software can be configured to classify documents automatically, thus supporting consistency and accuracy, and complies with the U.S. Department of Defence directive 5015.2 for records management.

Connecting content to asset management processes

Content is stored with an appropriate structure, and key data attributes are associated with the documents. This enables the user to navigate or search to readily find the content associated with an equipment, material, part, or supplier in SAP software.

Optimizing asset maintenance

Engineers and technicians can store and later retrieve data and documents from analysis, testing, and maintenance work. Maintenance planners can collect, organize, and securely store information in back-end SAP software, establishing a clear link to equipment, material, and transactions in the software. They can also more easily analyze information to determine what improvements need to occur to shorten the duration of outages and reduce downtime.

Internal and external collaboration

For internal projects, ECM for EAM enables collaboration among team members with rich functionality that supports project workspaces, activity feeds, collaborative approval workflows, tasks, and polls. For projects including external stakeholders, ECM for EAM extends that functionality, allowing you to set up a secure extranet environment and workspaces in which to share documents.

Archiving enterprise data and documents

ECM for Enterprise Asset Management includes archiving functionality that allows the offloading of data and documents into an archive from within the software and from production SAP databases. This functionality significantly reduces content storage costs, database backup time, and the need for additional hardware, while improving production-system performance. The solution is integrated with the SAP NetWeaver® Information Lifecycle Management component.

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