When it comes to capital-intensive assets such as power plants and manufacturing facilities, you have much to gain by optimizing performance. To do this, you need to manage all the associated content – such as technical specifications, user manuals, maintenance records, service contracts, drawings, and more.

But with content spread all over the enterprise, how can you succeed?

The ECM for Operational Excellence in Enterprise Asset Management bridges the gap between structured data in SAP and unstructured content for asset management processes. For asset-intensive industries, this contributes to improved productivity, reliability, compliance, and worker safety and reduces costs and environmental impact.

ECM for Excellence in Production & Operation

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Customer Testimonials

  • Belgian Railways

    The benefit of this integration is that you save time finding the right documents, you reduce the cost of manipulating these documents, ...

    Belgian Railways Success Story
  • Hitachi Power Europe

    The invoice processing solution had to have a high level of SAP integration and use the SAP workfl ow. Of all the manufacturers we evaluated, OpenText was the only one able to meet these criteria

    Hitachi Power Europe Success Story
  • Hydro-One

    ...behind the scenes, all documents get stored into the OpenText repository, most the users don't see that which is a seamless way to do business.

    Hydro-One Success Story
  • IBAarau

    Many were astonished at how easily they could store email attachments, documents and other assets without changing programs....

    IBAarau Success Story

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